You have been nominated for this year’s Monsignor Gerald Lawrence Lewis Award for Excellence in Teaching.

To complete the nomination process, please carefully adhere to the instructions and complete ALL parts of this form. Please note that only those submitted Questionnaire packets that are complete and meet the specified requirements will be accepted for the selection process.

  • Answer the prompts in Part II and III of the questionnaire using 75 words or less for each prompt.
  • Include only three (3) one (1) page letters of support (letters may be single-spaced). One (1) letter is to be from your principal. The other two (2) may be from among the following: pastor, colleague, student/former student, parent/former parent or civic leader. These letters must address the nominee’s ability to teach and to positively influence students, and the nominee’s implementation of Catholic school characteristics of message, community, service and liturgy.
  • Either a letter of support or a simple signed statement of endorsement from the pastor of your school must be included with the application materials.

All complete candidate information must be submitted no later than December 1.

    Nominee Information & Questionnaire


    Please enter your full name and indicate if you accept or decline the nomination:

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    Name of School:

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    Name of Principal:

    Principal Email:

    School Address:

    School Telephone:

    Teaching Assignment:

    Total Years Teaching in Raleigh Diocesan Schools:

    Years in Present Position:

    Total Years Experience:

    Colleges and Universities Attended and Degrees Earned:

    Home Address:

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    Name of Pastor:

    Pastor Telephone:

    II. Describe in 75 words or less each of the following:

    Describe your personal feelings and beliefs about teaching, including your own ideas of what makes you an outstanding teacher.

    words. Please limit to 75 words or less.

    Describe the rewards you find in teaching at a Catholic School.

    words. Please limit to 75 words or less.

    What do you hope your students remember most about you as a teacher?

    words. Please limit to 75 words or less.

    Reflecting on the past three to five years: describe a time/event that made you feel joyful and/or inspired about the work you do.

    words. Please limit to 75 words or less.

    What was the most valuable thing you learned over the past three to five years that impacted your students or your instructional style/methods?

    words. Please limit to 75 words or less.

    If selected as the Recipient of the Msg. Lewis Award, what would be your message to the teachers in our Catholic schools who are striving for excellence?

    words. Please limit to 75 words or less.


    Professional Association Memberships

    Awards and Recognitions

    Interests and Community Involvement

    Extracurricular Involvement

    IV. Letters of Support

    Please attach one (1) file containing all three (3) and the statement of the pastor’s endorsement and his signature (if he was not one of the people who wrote a letter of support). Acceptable file formats include pdf, doc, and docx.

    Please verify that you have completed all sections of the form according to the instructions at the top. Once complete, please click "Submit". Thank you and congratulations again on your nomination!