Thank You For Your Leadership, Dr. Grochowski!

Dr. Colleen GrochowskiDr. Colleen Grochowski, the Chair of the Lewis Award, will relinquish the position in May. Dr. Grochowski, the Associate Dean for Curricular Affairs for Duke University School of Medicine, has been offered and accepted an excellent job opportunity in another state. Colleen has served on the Lewis Award Committee since 2005, as Vice Chair from 2010 to 2017, and as Chair from 2017 to the present.

In 2017, when asked to reflect on her role on the Lewis Award Committee she responded:

“I was honored when Anne (Stahel) asked me to join the committee, but I had no idea just how special this experience would be! … The Lewis Award has humbled me in so many ways. I am inspired by Anne Stahel’s passion for Catholic education and her devotion to Monsignor Lewis. Monsignor Lewis is completely amazing himself! And the committee members are remarkable — each with busy lives yet so generous in giving their time to the Lewis Award. I can’t tell you what an honor it is to be allowed into teachers’ classrooms to observe them. I’m touched by their commitment to their students, their energy, and their creativity. Their love for their students is palpable. I also am impressed by the leadership and support provided to the teachers by the principals. I’ve had the opportunity to travel from ‘coast to coast’ in the diocese, observe educators, and honor them. What could be more extraordinary?”

The Committee has been so fortunate to be led by Dr. Grochowski. She has been an integral part of the Committee through her unwavering commitment and support. Colleen will be sorely missed. Through her leadership, the purpose and the goals of the Lewis Award continue to encourage and recognize excellence in teaching in our Catholic schools. Thank you, Colleen!

Congratulations and best wishes as she begins a new life journey.

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