Statistics on the Lewis Award


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At the end of the 2009-2010 school year in the Diocese of Raleigh, there were twenty-two elementary and middle schools, one high school, and nine early childhood centers. Blessed Sacrament in Burlington is the western-most and St. Egbert’s in Morehead City is the eastern-most of the schools. Catholic schools are located in seven of the eight Diocesan Deaneries, and new schools are a serious need in growing numbers of areas.

Of the twenty-three schools eligible to have teachers nominated for the Lewis Award,

  • 83% have had a Recipient, a Finalist and/or a Lifetime Achievement Award winner
  • 65% have had an Excellence in Teaching Award Recipient
  • 13% have had six or more faculty honored by the Lewis Award
  • 70% have had one to five faculty honored by the Lewis Award

There are eight Deaneries in the Diocese of Raleigh, seven of which have schools. Of the seven Deaneries with schools, each Deanery has had one or more of their faculty honored by the Lewis Award.

Of the eighteen Recipients of the Excellence in Teaching Award and the four Recipients of the Lifetime Achievement Award,

  • ten are active teachers
  • one has moved into an administrative position
  • two have moved out of state (principals in other Dioceses)
  • one has resigned to follow other educational interests
  • seven have retired
  • one is deceased