Nominations are now open for the 21-22 Lewis Award for Excellence in Teaching

Accepting nominations from Sept. 1-30

This year, even kids want to go back to school. That says something about how important the school experience is to everyone, and teachers are the people who create that experience for our children.  So now is the time to let teachers know how valuable they are in our lives.

For example, consider the teacher who encouraged your child to try something new, or the teacher who saw and nurtured a talent in your child. How about the teacher your child talks about constantly?  Even the teacher that your child thought was mean but later realized that was the teacher who wouldn’t just settle for less than this child could do. It is often that teacher that shows a child that they are more capable than they believed.

The form is open, waiting; It only takes a little thought and a few minutes to nominate a teacher for this recognition.

Remember just a nomination is very affirming for a teacher and this is a year that teachers really need that affirmation.