2015-2016 Lewis Award Finalists: In The Classroom

In January, the Lewis Award Committee announced the Finalists for the 2015-2016 Monsignor Gerald L. Lewis Award for Excellence in Teaching. For more information about each of the Finalists, you may read this year’s announcement here.

During the month of February the committee visited each of the Finalists in their classroom and conducted interviews as part of the selection process for the award Recipient. Once again, congratulations to the Finalists!

Mr. John H. Bell, St. Peter Catholic School, Greenville
Sixth Grade Art: Soft Sculpture, Sketch Up

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Shelby Hamilton, St. Mark Catholic School, Wilmington
Sixth Grade Social Studies: Hundred Years War & Preparing for the Medieval Festival

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Marilyn Stuit, St. Thomas More Catholic School, Chapel Hill
Fifth Grade Language Arts: Creative Writing

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