The Lewis Award Committee

The Lewis Award Committee has nine members and is comprised of parents and teachers from across the Diocese. The Bishop of Raleigh appoints the members from nominations made to him by the Lewis Award Committee, and members serve a term of four years. Monsignor Lewis, Anne Stahel, Chair Emeritus, and the Superintendent of Schools are permanent members of the Committee and serve in an ex officio capacity.

2017-2018 Lewis Award Committee
It is a pleasure to welcome Reverend Father John Forbes, Mrs. Susan Goethals and Dr. Jacques Mistrot to the Lewis Award Committee.

2017-2018 Lewis Award Committee

From left to right:

  • Mr. Keith Brown
  • Mrs. Carol Derrenbacher, Secretary (ex-officio)
  • Dr. Colleen O’Connor Grochowski, Chair
  • Mrs. Lesley Ferguson
  • Dr. Michael Fedewa, Superintendent of Catholic Schools (ex-officio)
  • Rev. Fr. John Forbes (ex-officio)
  • Mrs. Anne Williams Stahel, Chair-Emeritus (ex-officio)
  • Mr. John Ruocchio
  • Mrs. Susan Goethals
  • Msgr. Gerald Lewis, Vice Chair-Emeritus (ex-officio)
  • Dr. Jacques Mistrot
  • Mrs. Rosalie Innacelli, Interim Vice-Chair

For more about the selection process, please see the Lewis Award Recipients section.